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Increase your chances of investment through better visibility on the financial markets.

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Do you still disclose your company’s public financial data in PDF format?

That could be impacting analyst coverage and potential trading of your stock.

Traditional reporting not only takes significant time and effort to produce — it also locks your data away in a format that’s not easy to extract and analyse.

So you could be running under the radar of analysts and investors.

LENSELL® can improve your visibility on the financial markets and save your team time and money by harnessing the power of XBRL – without XBRL expertise.

XBRL Reports is our secure cloud-based SaaS application where you can create public financial statements in a digital, structured format.

Using the international eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) and the Australian accounting taxonomy IFRS-AU, XBRL Reports enables you to create, edit and download digital financial statements and notes in Inline XBRL format quickly and securely - without the need for any XBRL skills.

Providing your data in this way streamlines the disclosure process and allows regulators, investors and analysts to easily access the information online and pull it directly into their spreadsheets as soon as it’s uploaded.

Take advantage of XBRL Reports to

Increase your chances of investment

Streamline the communication with your stakeholders 

Become an early digitalisation technology adopter  

​Reduce your environmental footprint with less paper and PDF reporting


You can access data from digital financial disclosures of other companies through the same platform. Check out our data access tool, LENSELL® for Excel add-in.

This way, you can:

​Make informed strategic decisions with the right benchmark data
Understand and monitor your competition landscape faster

Frequently Asked Questions

How does XBRL Reports work?

We provide you with access to our easy to use, cloud based application.

Once you log in, you can create a report by simply selecting the taxonomy fields required for each financial statement and notes, enter the values, preview the file and make as many edits as required.

Once the report is finalised, it can be easily downloaded for a fee. You can return to the tool anytime and make as many further edits as necessary without extra charges.

The file can be easily enhanced by your team af needed, same as any HTML file, if you need to add extra text, images or change the formatting.

How long does it take to create digital financial statements and notes?

Reporting accountants may spend 3-4 hours on average to create an iXBRL report online using our easy to use, cloud based tool.

As XBRL Reports uses the XBRL standard - do we need any new software or training to use it?

No. There is no need to know XBRL at all. The reporting accountant only needs to be familiar with the IFRS-AU accounting standard so they can select the taxonomy fields that work best for your reporting needs.

How do I get started with XBRL Reports?

Simply sign up for a demo and a member of our team will get in touch. They will set up a mutually convenient time to run the demo and setup an account for your company in XBRL Reports.

Can I still use the LENSELL® platform if I choose to not use XBRL reports?

Of course. We have several applications available on the platform.

You can register for our data access tool, LENSELL® for Excel add-in (US version) which gives you access to millions of financial data points from listed US companies reporting digitally to SEC for the past 10 years.

Alternatively, you could check out Diversiview® that enables investors and advisors to analyse the diversification of their stocks and build risk-aware equity portfolios.

How much does XBRL Reports access cost?

The digital financial reports builder is free to use for any Australian reporting entity. You only pay a small fee (AUD499+GST) to download the report in iXBRL format. You can then make as many further edits to the report as necessary, and re-download it without any extra charge.

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