Sharesight is a powerful portfolio tracking software that lets you check your investments in one place with award-winning performance, dividend tracking and tax reporting.

We partnered with Sharesight to enable mutual users to design, validate, optimise, track and report on their investment portfolios with an integrated view and significant time saving. They can track their portfolios in Sharesight and optimise their asset allocation for better returns, in Diversiview - our Portfolio Analysis and Optimisation Software.

NOTE: Sharesight users qualify for discounts to access Diversiview paid features.

Contact us at [email protected] for any questions and to get the discount code.

Everest Tax & Property helps clients manage tax effectively through tax planning strategies, using accounting systems to help clients understand the stories behind their numbers.

Users are able to understand what the numbers mean and are able to make better decisions and use Super funds and property to create your wealth.

To help businesses generate a profit, they retain after-tax profits and invest surplus largely to grow.

Using Design thinking, Everest listen to what clients have to say, then they create strategies based on this thinking and continuously improve those processes using the Kaizen methodology.

We work with Everest on several taxation and investment strategy aspects and highly recommend their high quality service and outstanding work ethic.

Contact Everest today if you need professional tax and wealth creation advice!

Market Index is an online publisher of Australian stock market information. Their goal is to provide Australian investors with easy access to practical and unbiased information on the stock market.

We have an excellent collaboration with Market Index, and highly recommend their platform for trustworthy information and data.

HBHosting is a very affordable web hosting provider within Australia that does not cut back on its quality of hardware or support.

We have been HBHosting's clients for several years and we very happy with the high level of service provided, and highly recommend them!

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