Analyse U.S. companies  financial performance at scale - fast and easy

Find and extract data from the latest SEC financial reports with one easy to use Excel tool.


Are you tired of looking for financial statements data? Are you worried that you'll miss on investment opportunities? Do you feel that data extraction takes too much of your time? If you've answered YES to any of the above, we can help! Currently, annual financial reports around the world are on average 204 pages long!

Finding and reading through company financial statements like that for the data you want to analyse can take hours (or even days!). Now, you can dramatically reduce the time and effort involved with our simple and affordable Excel tool. LENSELL® FOR EXCEL is a powerful Excel Add-in with inbuilt functions that lets you query the latest financial reports from thousands of U.S. companies as soon as they’re submitted to SEC.

Once installed, you can pull this data directly into your Excel spreadsheet and model it exactly how you want with the click of a button. The add-in also has several built in ratios to help you speed up your work.

So, what's on offer?

Detailed Financial Reports

Data from over 9000 US companies reporting to SEC including FPI (foreign private issuers)

Latest Reports

Latest ​and historical reports for more than 10 years

Detailed Financial Reports

​ALL 10-K (annual reports), 10-Q (quarterly reports) and 20-F (annual reports FPI)

4 Million Data Points

Over 4 million data points available for your fundamentals analysis

Beat the competition with

timely insights

Take advantage of the LENSELL® FOR

EXCEL add-in

Make quicker investment decisions by retrieving in-depth financial data as soon as it’s reported.
Red​uce the time and effort required to analyse financial data by pulling in data from thousands of company reports in minutes
Reduce potential errors by eliminating the need to manually extract data from PDFs or websites.
Reduce the cost of accessing the data, to less than $1 per company per month.

Easy to use functions

Standardised and as-reported data so you can speed up data access

Pre-calculated financial ratios, so you can save time and focus on insights

Powerful generic function so you can get detailed data for your analysis

Your options to get the add-in

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I subscribe to a paid plan? 

You’ll receive an email with instructions how to install the add-in and how to retrieve financial data. 

The limits specific to your plan will be specified in the email. Once you hit those limits you are welcome to wait for a new subscription cycle or to upgrade your plan.

For all paid plans, you start on a free 14 day trial of the plan. You get all functionality applicable for your plan from the beginning, so you have two weeks to decide if the plan works for you. 

How quickly can I start using the LENSELL FOR EXCEL add-in?

You will receive the Excel Add-in, account details and the installation guide in less than 24 hours.

What is a data point?

A data point is each piece of financial information that you request and extract into your Excel spreadsheet using the functions built in the add-in. For example, "Revenue", "Net Profit","Gross Profit" etc. Each request for a data point gets counted towards your plan limit, even if you requested the same data point at a previous time during the same month. That is because we do not keep track of the data points you query.

Every time when you save your Excel spreadsheet, all functions that are in that spreadsheet will be refreshed (i.e. the latest values for the data points will be requested again from the database) and they will be counted towards your plan limit. We suggest that you keep a separate spreadsheet where you perform the data querying and another file where you work on your model.

What are the standardised values?

All plans come with a number of functions that help you retrieve the data points in a consistent manner, no matter how they were reported to SEC by the company. For example, GetRevenue will return the total amount of revenue reported by the company, for the financial year and financial period selected, no matter how it was labelled by the company (e.g. "Revenue", "Revenues", "Sales", "Sales Volume" etc.)

A list of available functions and ratios is included in the 'Installation and Use Guide' that will be emailed to you with the add-in.

What are the financial ratios?

All paid plans (Basic, Plus and Pro) come with 18 financial ratios that help you fast track your analysis. For example GrossProfitMargin, ReturnOnAssets, ReturnOnEquity, Cash Ratio and many others.

A list of available functions and ratios is included in the 'Installation and Use Guide' that will be emailed to you with the add-in.

What are the as-reported values?

The paid plans include a generic function that you can use to get any of the millions of financial statements line items reported by companies to SEC in US during the past 10 years. The data points will be returned as reported by the company, without any standardisation of the output.

This is extremely powerful when you want to do more complex or more detailed financial analysis where you need very specific data points. However, it requires you to know the name of the fields that you want to extract, from the GAAP taxonomy. We can provide a list of the 250 most often queried U.S. financial statements fields. Please contact us and enquire.

What version of Excel do I need to ensure the LENSELL®  FOR EXCEL Add-in works? Are there other system requirements?

At this stage the add-in is only available for Windows installations, and it works with any Excel version from 2007 onwards. 

What support is available?

All plans, including the free Trial one, come with free technical support. 

Troubleshooting advice is provided in the documentation and we are always here to help. Email us to with a description of the problem (include screenshots if you have) and we will get back to you in 2 business days.

Plus and Pro plans have priority technical support (1 business day).

Can I cancel my subscription if I change my mind?

Certainly, you can cancel your subscription anytime by contacting us at 

If you have not used any of your plan's data points allowance during the month, the full fees paid in advance will be refunded. If you have used some of the data points, the refund will be prorated accordingly.

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