AI-Powered Platform for Corporate Performance Democratisation.

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Helping people make better decisions with data driven business insight.

LENSELL® is a Global Platform for Corporate Performance Democratisation.

We are set to improve corporate transparency in business and investment transactions, and to democratise access to corporate performance - be it financial or non-financial.

LENSELL’s clever capabilities remove the cost and complexity of preparing and accessing corporate performance information, making it available to more people - faster and more efficiently, so they can make better informed decisions with confidence.

On LENSELL®, companies have access to tools and services to disclose their financial and ESG performance using open source international standards such as XBRL. Digital performance data is made available online in minutes, boosting companies' discoverability on the financial markets by millions of potential equity investors around the world.

We also help companies stay compliant and improve transparency in all business transactions, with LEI.

To self-directed investors, financial advisors, SMSFs and other stakeholders, LENSELL® provides a suite of applications that make access to financial and non-financial corporate performance insights quick, easy and very affordable.

Users get access to company financials directly in Excel, smart sustainability applications and intelligent portfolio planning tools.

Affiliation & Partnerships

For Investors


The #1 Portfolio Planning and Optimisation Tool

Diversiview® is an unique data-driven portfolio planning and optimisation tool that helps investors design tailored, efficient portfolios to suit their risk and return expectation, by employing Markowitz' Portfolio Selection theory and Efficient Frontier theory.

Along with a Portfolio Universe® view that shows the risk/return position of their portfolio, users get unique insights and an interactive visualisation of their portfolio's deep, granular diversification so they can design or validate their investments strategies.

Over 2000 ASX listed securities (stocks, ETFs, bonds) and the top 15 most popular crypto can be included in Diversiview portfolio analyses.

US Financials At Your Fingertips

Access millions of US Financial Statements Data

points directly in Excel.

Planning to invest in US stocks? Fundamental analysis is a must for discerning investors and automated data access can power fast, complex, and scalable analyses.

Get any disclosure data from financial statements of over 9000 US companies reporting to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in US.

Query the latest disclosed financials or historical data for more than 10 years back.


Who is polluting around you?

Each year, over 4000 facilities from companies around Australia report to the Government on over 93 toxic substances that they emit or transfer to air, water or land.

We help people make better-informed decisions about where they live or what companies they plan to invest in!

POLAIRIS is a free cloud-based application that allows users to search and view polluting facilities all around Australia, and learn more about the toxic substances those facilities emit or transfer.

Users can search by address, by suburb or by company. Detailed reports about polluting facilities are also available.

For Companies

Online Financial Reports Builder

Boost your company's visibility on the financial markets

We help companies prepare their annual financial reports in iXBRL (Inline XBRL) - the widely used international standard for business reporting that is human-readable and machine-readable.

Our tool is cloud based, secure and very easy to use by accountants and other reporting practitioners.

The iXBRL reports data is made available for online access, in minutes. That way, LENSELL® helps companies boost their discoverability on the financial markets and become easy to find by millions of potential equity investors around the world.

LEI Registration

Get or Renew a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Global LEI improve transparency and trust in local or global inter-organisational transactions by uniquely identifying the legal entities entering the transaction. 

Initiated by G20 and FSB after the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, LEI is required and promoted by regulators around the world.

We have partnered with LEI Register OÜ to enable fast, easy and very affordable LEI registrations for Australian entities.